Our first reconnaissance trip

So, it’s our first time out on a boat! The location is Cape Zhelaniya, the northernmost point of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago.

Objectives: testing and reconnaissance. We need to check the engine, identify places for researchers, the crossbowman (who will be trying to get genetic samples of any animals we encounter), and the cameraman, test the crossbow, and – find out who, apart from us, is around in these waters at the moment.

Incidentally, the original name shown on maps used on Willem Barents’ Dutch expedition was written as “Cape Zhelanny” – “the long wished-for cape; the cape of dreams.” Its name today is the result of inaccurate translation into Russian: the coastal dwellers of that time just called this point “Dokhodi” – which means “as far as the fur traders ever got to.” Beyond the cape lies the start of the Kara Sea.